Another little project I’ve been toying with: A Bogotá map using Chrono Trigger assets (which belong to SquareEnix, just in case), some HTML5 and Google Maps API.

You can check it here.

Warning: The page has audio enabled. I love it, but maybe your boss won’t.

(Ye Olde) Musique

Here you can find some of the projects I created and worked on as a student of Audio Production at Los Andes University:

Tracks 1-3 were part of my final project as a student.

Track 4 was created as part of a project for Production II lectures.

Academic Work

Here you can find some of the academic work I did during my undergrad process.

  • Audio system implementation for CAVE-like environments (Spanish). Thesis dissertation for Computer Science B.Sc. Universidad de Los Andes, 2008